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Subtitling a film or a video is a complex process which involves talent, specialty knowledge, synthesis ability and experience in satisfying some requests of technical order for synchronizing the subtitles with images. Moreover, the cultural knowledge is essential for providing some subtitling services perfectly adapted to the target audience.

Professional subtitling services

TRADUTEX® offers professional subtitling services in the main European languages for a wide range of films genre and video: commercials, company presentation, presentation in the human resources field, training materials for e-learning type courses etc. Through tape scripting services we may help you as well for projects for which you do not have the script.

Necessary details in making a subtitle

All you have to do is provide us the specific elements for your projects and we will send you the best price offer. In order to appreciate the difficulty of the subtitle, we need the following minimal information:

– delivery support of the material;

– film format (dvd, DivX etc.);

– video material field (if the film does not have a script);

– color, size and screen position of the subtitle (up/ down), etc.

According to the purpose and the scope of using the required subtitle, we provide three different options to present the final material:

  • External subtitle, which may be uploaded by you when playing a film. The displaying manner depends 100% on the player.
  • Incorporated subtitle in the film container. This may be particularized for some players. Special settings may be or not construed by the player.
  • ”Burned” subtitle (Hard coded). This cannot be eliminated by any setting of the player. This may be particularized exactly as you want and will be displayed as well, no matter the payer.

Warning! In the event you have a video where there are text images in a foreign language and you want their translation too, you have to mention this thing from the beginning.

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