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Certified translations

Certified translations

What is a certified translation?

It is a translated document by a sworn translator, which bears his/her stamp and signature and his/her signature is certified by a public notary from Romania, thus being recognized by the official authorities and institutions.

Attention! Translations can be certified only at the notary offices where the translator has his/her specimen of signature. If you want to certify the translation at another notary than the ones suggested by us, please be sure that you have translator’s specimen of signature.

Certifying a translation can be done only with the original. It cannot be certified documents sent by fax, email, black and white copies or color ones. If you do not possess the original you can only benefit from authorized translations.

Certified translations without additional fees

Our translation office shall not charge any additional fees for the certified translations. If you want to certify a document, you will only pay the fee charged by the notary office. Please check the tariff list.


  • We take orders from any city you are in!
  • At request, we can provide the certification and the delivery of the document.

Certified translations at distance

In order to make certified translations at distance you can send us the necessary documents by post, courier or personal by a delegate. The translated documents can be taken by the delegate or they can be sent by Tradutex® by national or international courier in your town/country.



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